[PREMIERE] Outside Your House – Gallant Encounters

Hailing from the city of Durham, Outside Your House describe themselves as a “barely rap” duo, consisting of Faithful Johannes (words) and Jonathan Swift (tunes). The pair are set to release their debut album next week, and today we’re sharing the title track from it, Gallant Encounters.

Photo by Steven Bardgett

Outside Your House’s sound is almost impossible to pin-down, combining equal parts Roots Manuva and New Order, but not really sounding like anything, or anyone, you’ve ever heard before. Atop a musical backing of pounding beats, and stabs of glacial synths, Faithful paints pictures of late night misdemeanours and the unglamorous reality of waking up after them. There’s something wonderfully honest about the grime and distinctly Northern grit Outside Your House infuse their songs with, a million miles away from the slick studio sound that has come to dominate rap.

The track is accompanied by a video that is equal parts alien-mystery-thriller and homage to  the Harry Dean Stanton 80s cult classic, Repo Man. With a reputation for unorthodox and energetic live shows, the cult status of Outside Your House is growing rapidly; with a sound this unique and intriguing, it’s not hard to see why.

Gallant Encounters is out November 10th via Frux Tapes / Sapien Records Ltd. Click HERE for more information on Outside Your House.


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