[PREMIERE] Krakow Loves Adana – American Boy

Kraków Loves Adana is the intriguing musical moniker of the Hamburg duo Deniz Çiçek and her partner Robert Heitman. The band came to our attention back in March with their well received third album, Call Yourself New, and are today premiering their new single American Boy. The track is the first taste of the pair’s upcoming album, Songs After The Blue, out early next year on their own Better Call Rob Records.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

American Boy is Deniz’s attempt to make some sense of recent global developments, “I was definitely angry when I wrote American Boy. I was angry with the world, I was angry with myself, I was angry about feeling powerless. I felt like I had no power to right a wrecked system”. The result of all that anger was to tap into something creative; not just for any personal release, but to hold up a mirror to the society we live in and ask shouldn’t this be better?

Musically, American Boy treads a similar musical path as the recent output of Phoebe Bridgers or Torres; atop a backing of energetic, pulsating synths and steady drum beats, Deniz’s cold, almost detached vocals sound strong and determined. The song builds to an almost nihilistic conclusion as Deniz sings, “oh what can you do when your mind is a palace but your heart is a menace. Oh what can you do when there’s nothing to debate, to destroy is to create”. American Boy is not just Kraków Loves Adana’s finest single to date, it’s a gigantic leap forward for the band; sure it might take its inspiration from the collapse of civilized society as we know it, but at least it sounds this good.

American Boy is out November 24th via Better Call Rob/Rough Trade. Click HERE for more information on Kraków Loves Adana.

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