[PREMIERE] Dos Floris – Silence

2017 was a huge year for Florence Donovan, better known as Dos Floris, as it saw the release of her debut album, The Widowed Earth. The record was the result of a lifelong desire to be a musician which had previously been put on hold by the grinds of a nine-to-five job, alongside battles with anorexia and panic attacks. The themes of letting go of your past and embracing the fear of making your first steps on a new journey are present throughout The Widowed Earth. The album was recorded, as Florence describes, “Harry Potter style”, writing, producing and recording beneath the stairs at her home. Marking the end of this first stage of Dos Floris’ career, today we’re premiering the new video to one of The Widowed Earth’s stands out moments, Silence.

Dos Floris-2
Photos by Nat Wilms – https://vimeo.com/natwilms

Describing the influence behind Silence, Florence suggests the track is, “a meditation on thoughts of self in conjunction with the physical world around us”. This theme is mirrored in the video, created by director Gilly Booth, along with cinematographers, Anthony Lucas and Jack Mealing. Throughout the pastel coloured back-drops, we find Dos Floris walking constantly forward without hesitation or doubt, her face never shown, as the viewer trails behind her, creating the sense that the path is a destiny entirely of Dos Floris’ own making.

Musically, Silence combines lush Beach House-like organs, with twitchy electronics, rushes of startling, processed beats and lush orchestral flourishes. It is a track that seems to slip easily between moods and tempos, one moment wistful and muted, the next arresting and intense. Dos Floris never does the obvious or mundane, always taking her music on the path less trodden: an artist who is pushing boundaries, sounding intriguing, different and very exciting indeed.

The Widowed Earth is out now. Click HERE for more information on Dos Floris.

3 thoughts on “[PREMIERE] Dos Floris – Silence

  1. Love this particularly… I wonder how few artists aren’t having to do it this way? But she is the first I’ve heard talk so lightly and gladly about it – how endearing:

    ‘The album was recorded, as Florence describes, “Harry Potter style”, writing, producing and recording beneath the stairs at her home.’

    Saw her in Brighton in November with TOGM and they both gave off these amazing impressions of truly home-made under-the-stairs DIY acts in terms of both instrumentation and atmosphere!

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