[PREMIERE] James Ewan Tait – Lime Grove

James Ewan Tait is a self-described, “weirdo crooner”, originally from North Yorkshire but now based in the far more Southern setting of Sheffield. Although he has been a regular on the Sheffield scene for a while, it was only in September last year that James released his debut EP, Everything, Loads, All The Time, Forever. Not wanting to hang around, James has already began work on his second EP, again record with producer, and co-owner of James’ Pigeon Hands label, Brett Womersley. That record is due later this year, but ahead of its release James is today sharing the first glimpse of it, via a live recording of a brand-new track, Lime Grove.

LG Still 5

The live video was recorded by talented filmmaker, Thomas Payton-Greene, who has previously had short-films shown on Channel 4. It features James playing a hollow body electric guitar through three separate amps. Utilising the hold function on a delay pedal he sends a constant pulse to two of the amps producing a lilting metronomic quality, around which, through the third amp he weaves a sweet guitar line, playing with modulation and delay to create a sparse, and haunting guitar sound.

James cites the likes of Timber Timbre and Grizzly Bear as influences, and certainly in his spacious production and unusual percussive choices, he creates a similarly eerie and unnerving sound. Matched with the wordy lyrical delivery, reminiscent of Josh T. Pearson or Bill Callahan, this track suggests James Ewan Tait is a songwriter with a very bright future.

Click HERE for more information on James Ewan Tait.

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