[PREMIERE] Dante – Beachcomber

Perthshire collective Dante may not yet have appeared on your radar, but don’t expect that to stay the case for long. The band, led by songwriter Seán McLaughlin, have previously worked with Idlewild’s Rod Jones, and on upcoming second album, I Wear Your Weight With Mine, have acquired the production skills of Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan. That album will be out in March, and today we’re premiering the latest taster of the record, album-opener, Beachcomber.

Dante Album Promo Shot 3
Photos by Archie Macfarlane – http://foto.scot/

Beachcomber not only serves as the album’s triumphant first salvo, it’s also a fitting introduction to Dante’s sound. With its prominent military beat, and the warm burr of distant synthesisers, it’s a track of quiet swells and triumphant crescendos. At the front of it all is Sean’s gorgeously accented vocal, the obvious comparisons to Meursault and Frightened Rabbit aside, it’s a vocal capable of effortlessly transmitting the emotion of his lyrics. As he sings towards the songs final, National-like surge, “what if you knew the names of everything you lost, would you leave or remain”, it’s hair-raising perfection.

Discussing the inspiration behind the upcoming record, Sean has suggested, “it is a hugely positive album… How positive it is to have strong ties to other people, but how much of a responsibility this can feel at times. It’s about connection, when disconnection seems like an easier option”. This is a record about growing older, and finding out what is important in life, keeping the indispensable emotions close and letting others drift from view. In a life full of challenges, Dante are facing them head on, and providing the perfect soundtrack for us all to face our own demons.

I Wear Your Weight With Mine is out on 9th March 2018 via Stitch Records. Click HERE for more information on Dante.




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