[PREMIERE] Fiskur – You Know Me So Well

Fiskur is the new collaboration between songwriter Ross Clark and producer Andy Monaghan, a member of Frightened Rabbit who was on this very site last week as the producer of Dante’s Beachcomber. The project stems from the heartbreak Ross felt at the demise of his previous band, Three Blind Wolves. Andy spurred Ross on to keep writing, and record in Frightened Rabbit’s studio; today we’re premiering the latest single from those sessions, You Know Me So Well.


Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Ross has suggested that it came from wanting to know how others perceive us, about knowing oneself but equally knowing that other people don’t necessarily see us the way we want them to.

Accompanied by a video formed of old home videos, musically, You Know Me So Well, is an intense and dense sound. The slow burning soundscape and impassioned vocals recall early Twilight Sad recordings blended with a gentle nod in the darkly electronic direction of Massive Attack or Unkle. Fiskur have only recently played their first headline show, with EP releases in the pipeline and a sound this intriguing, it certainly won’t be their last.

Click HERE for more information on Fiskur.


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