[PREMIERE] UV Rays – Facade

UV Rays are a Brooklyn-based quartet, who describe their music as, “equal parts contemporary Japanese math rock and 90s American indie.” The band started sharing their music back in 2015, culminating in their 2017 EP, Picking at the Bones. Today the band are sharing the first new material since that release, in the shape of new single Facade.

Photos by Hanna Meltz

Facade is the bands attempt to, “collapse a failing relationship into two and a half minutes of jagged, kinetic melancholy”. Citing influences from Sleater Kinney to Fugazi, Facade is an energetic slice of angular-punk. Soaring three-part harmonies are led by Rhee Warner’s stunning vocal, as rapid-fire guitar lines race atop maths-rock like beats and rumbling, propulsive bass.

The most intriguing, unique and exciting track UV Rays have shared to date, Facade sounds like the exciting first step into a very bright future for the band.

Facade is out tomorrow. Click HERE for more information on UV Rays.

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