[PREMIERE] Gris-De-Lin – Sprung

Gris-De-Lin is a character from Turkish folk law, a mythical, wise bird that could speak; Gris-De-Lin is also a songwriter based out of the somewhat unlikely musical hot-spot that is Bridport in Dorset. While you might not have heard of Gris-De-Lin, you may well have heard her play as  a collaborator with the likes of The Duke Spirit, Tungg and most recently Bad-Seed and Sonic Youth member, Jim Sclavunos. With her debut album out next month, today we’re sharing the video to the title track, Sprung.

Photos by Brendan Buesnel  – https://twitter.com/buesnelphoto

Growing up in the West Country, Gris-De-Lin moved to London and after spending time selling pianos and cooking fry-ups, she was drawn to the “quirky” market town of Bridport, with its dramatic coastline, pub culture and thriving arts and music scenes. In many ways, Gris-De-Lin’s music seems to mirror those settings, the dramatic clashes with the eccentric, no idea is seemingly cast away be it too mundane or too out there, all embraced and explored to their full potential.

The title track of her upcoming album, Sprung is a fine introduction to Gris-De-Lin’s sound. From the intro; driving electric-guitars that wouldn’t sound entirely out-of-place on a Tool record, battered by clattering drums, courtesy of PJ Harvey/Anna Calvi collaborator Rob Ellis, and Gris-De-Lin’s soaring, atmospheric, folk-tinged vocals. The track then takes an abrupt turn into complex mathsy-rhythms before falling back from whence it came. The whole is both very original and very exciting: the album from which it is lifted might just be one of the most intriguing releases of the year.

Sprung is out April 6th via BB*island. Click HERE for more information on Gris-De-Lin

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