[PREMIERE] Blackaby – My Paula

Hailing from London, Blackaby are a somewhat mysterious trio fronted by chief songwriter, William Blackaby. He spent a large part of last summer writing and recording a number of tracks, the first of which, My Paula, emerged recently, and today we’re premiering the accompanying video.

My Paula Art
My Paula Artwork

My Paula buzzes with a downbeat sense of intention; with its fuzzy-guitars and prominent bass, the track nods to Pavement and Blur in equal measures. At the forefront throughout is the distinctive dual-vocal style; two contrasting vocals sing out as one, as they sing of Paula, “she has the power to cloud over the sun” and they search for any “reason to get to get out of my room”. Unfussy but quietly intriguing, My Paula serves as an exciting introduction to a band who could be one of London’s brightest new talents.

My Paula is out now. Click HERE for more information on Blackaby.

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