[PREMIERE] Jeremy Tuplin – Albert Einstein Song

We’re big fans of London’s, “space-folk”, songwriter Jeremy Tuplin around here. Not only did he save the day by filling in last-minute at our last live show, he also released one of last year’s finest records, I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut. This week Jeremy is saying goodbye to that record with the release of the final single from it, Albert Einstein Song, which we’re premiering the video for here today.

Holly Whittaker Photography 2017
Photo by Holly Whittaker – http://www.holly-whitaker.com

I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut’s opening track, Albert Einstein Song is also in many ways its stand out moment. An intriguingly odd way to start an album, Jeremy’s vocal doesn’t even enter for nearly two minutes. Instead it is left to intense, muted guitar strums, atmospheric percussion, layers of rich strings and twinkling piano runs to stand for themselves. It creates a dense and hypnotic backdrop, drawing you in as it gently builds to a squalling wall of sound. As it fades to just the guitar Jeremy’s rich vocal enters, part Bill Callahan part Johnny Flynn, as he offers a tribute to his favourite physicist, “here’s to Albert Einstein and the vision he bestowed, to the few things I have learned and all the things I’ll never know.” Latterly he uses the law of conservation of energy to question where David Bowie’s inspiration could have gone, “if his energy must go somewhere, well we don’t know where it goes, is there something bigger, something too big to see?” That this merging of the twin inspiration of Science and Music is delivered without pretension or over simplification is a testament to Jeremy’s ability as both a lyricist and a songwriter.

The accompanying video plays out like a 1980’s sci-fi B-movie, as home-made papier-mâché and cardboard space-crafts take Jeremy on a voyage through out of space to a strange remote planet, like the middle ground of Red Dwarf and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Like the music it accompanies the video prods at the boundaries of what you’d expect from a folk artist: long may people this creative be allowed to challenge our expectations and create something exciting, unique and in its own unassuming way, utterly wonderful.

I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut is out now via Folkwit. Click HERE for more information on Jeremy Tuplin.

Video directed by Will Hooper – http://www.willhooper.co.uk

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