Five Things We Liked This Week – 13/04/18

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5. Chris Crofton Is Going Extra Terrestrial 

“I like really sentimental music — I’m really sentimental — and I also like stuff that makes you wanna overthrow the government.” With that one sentence, we were convinced Chris Crofton was making the sort of music we wanted to hear. Chris has already made a cult name for himself as a comedian, and as a member of Nashville-based power-rock outfit, the Alcohol Stuntband. It was however only after realising he was hiding behind characters, and alcohol, that Chris was able to find his truest, most honest, musical self. That will be shown to the world, when he releases his new album, Hello It’s Me, In June.

This week Chris has shared the first taster of the record, new single, UFO Hunters. The track showcases Chris’ new found love of the romantic shuffle, and it’s a world away from his past music, as he explains, “I used to think that I could change the world with dirty rock songs, but I feel like, really, love songs, if they’re genuine, hold more importance.” The resultant track, featuring the inimitable talents of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, is a sublime moment of escapism, as gentle drums tick around expansive guitars and warm plodding keys. Downbeat, wistful, and unquestionably very beautiful, UFO Hunters is the sound of overcoming your demons, discovering who you truly are, and making the most impressive music you possibly can.

Hello It’s Me is out June 22nd via Arrowhawk Records. Click HERE for more information on Chris Crofton.

4. Charlie Lane Makes Us Crazy Happy

Continuing our current obsession with everyone Australian, Melbourne’s Charlie Lane is one of two artists from the city in today’s run down. Charlie caught plenty of attention back in 2016 with her second EP, Mood Swings & Anti Depressants, and has this week shared the first new material since then in the shape of new single, Crazy Happy.

An artist who has always been hard to pigeon-hole, with influences from bubble-gum pop to edgy alt-rock, thankfully on Crazy Happy, Charlie seems no easier to tie down. At times there’s a touch of the enunciated pop stylings of Kate Nash, while the horn-swells over the fabulous chorus wouldn’t sound out-of-place on a record by The National. Lyrically the track seems to be a wonderful struggle; Charlie trying to come to terms with discovering the person who makes her happy and wanting to scream at just how overwhelming that can be. As she sings, “you make me laugh, make me laugh, you make me fucking crazy, you make me scream, make me scream, you make me fucking happy”, it’s a wonderful mix of rage and joy, flowing out in one overwhelmed vocal; a splendid return that begs the question what’s coming next.

Click HERE for more information on Charlie Lane.

3. Susie Scurry Has Entered The Building

While any name can work in the right context, you can see why Susie Scurry decided to ditch her previous pseudonym, The Grand Magoozi. The Melbourne singer-songwriter, now working under her own name, has recently returned with new single, The Elvis Hour, the title track from her upcoming EP.

The track is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a tribute to Elvis, yet it’s also somewhat deeper than that. It tells the tale of a particular radio show, “somewhere on the dusty end of the AM dial”, that would play an hours worth of Elvis every week, going from, “Vegas to Hawaii, cowboy to crooner.” Musically, the track is placed a decent way outside anything we’d expect from Elvis himself; Susie’s lithe vocal delivery accompanied by shuffling, brushed drums, sweet licks of slide guitar and latterly, gorgeous soaring strings. Susie recounts various phases of Elvis’ life, while also gently hinting at the belief many still maintain that King lives on, as she sings, “he’s in Hawaii, he’s in Acapulco, now he’s a cowboy and then he’s at the disco, and when he’s in Vegas he’s in gold and in New Orleans he’s King Of The Road, there wasn’t much he didn’t do for a man who died at 42.” Sorry folks, but we’re pretty sure the King is long dead, now long live his influence, especially when it sounds as good as Susie Scurry.

The Elvis Hour is out June 8th. Click HERE for more information on Susie Scurry.

2. You Wait Ages For A Wanderer And Then Forth Come Along At Once

Few bands in recent years have made such an impact with so little as New Jersey’s Forth Wanderers. The band break-out EP, Slop, was just four tracks and barely ten minutes long, yet it was enough to draw massed critical acclaim, regular airtime on 6music and a record deal with Sub Pop. The band are set to release their self-titled debut album later this month, and have this week shared their excellent new single, Ages Ago.

Listening to Ages Ago it is clear almost instantly that 2018’s Forth Wanderers are an all together more substantial prospect than on their previous offerings. They speak of, “embracing our roles in the collaborative process”, and the result sounds fuller, more dynamic, more intense. A tale of an unidentified, constantly shifting lover, Ages Ago finds singer Ava Trilling, not willing to wait any longer for someone to show their true self. With an accompanying musical mixture of razor-sharp guitar, restless, driving rhythm section and Ava’s still scintillating vocal tone, Forth Wanderers have never sounded more ambitious, more confident and more ready for whatever fame is surely set to come their way.

Forth Wanderers is out April 27th via Sub Pop. Click HERE for more information on Forth Wanderers

1. Set The Creature La Luz

Hailing from the self-styled, “dream-factory” that is Los Angeles, it is perhaps unsurprising that on their upcoming album, La Luz tap into both the beauty and brutality of the city. That album, Floating Features, is a study into the contradictions at the heart of their home city, a world of, “enchanting tangerine sunsets diffused by smog, crystal-clutching spiritualists mingling with deep-pocketed narcissists, and rows of scenic palms competing with garish billboards for commuters’ attention.” This week the band have shared the latest example of this, in the shape of new single, The Creature.

Continuing the LA theme, the video to The Creature seems to tap into the heart of Hollywood’s horror film industry, a world where even your own home isn’t safe from the grips of someone unknown, eerie impostor. That eeriness is equally present in the music, recalling acts like The Wharves or Fascination’s Grand Chorus, La Luz manage to sound simultaneously glamorous, glossy and just slightly unhinged. A slinky guitar line juxtaposes a ghostly vocal melody; a bassy rumble sits next to a disorienting wobble of keys, it sounds like a party you want to be at, but aren’t entirely sure you’ll get out of alive. Mysterious and intriguing, La Luz will soon have you hooked, whether you want that or not.

Floating Features is out May 11th via Hardly Art. Click HERE for more information on La Luz.

Header photo is La Luz by Chona Kasinger –

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