[PREMIERE] RV Farms – All I Need

RV Farms is Daniel English, a songwriter from the city of Edmonton in Canada. We last heard from him back in 2016 when he released the excellent EP, Pale. Two years of, publicly at least, nothing much followed and thankfully the radio silence is breaking here today, with the premier of a brand new single, All I Need.

Photo by Dylan Maclean http://www.macleanvisual.com/

Recorded in Daniel’s home-studio, All I Need is, in his own words, “a song about attempting to avoid the waves of anxiety and discontentment that can so swiftly pull me out of the beautiful moments in life.” Musically, All I Need is a stunning fusion of musical genres; it has the wistful, almost nostalgic sound of California in the 70’s, and cuts it through with a buzzing, lo-fi production that Elvis Depressedly or Sparklehorse would be proud of. The whole track has a gorgeous sense of drifting along, the waves of anxiety and discontentment equally as obvious in the flow of the music, as any of his words.

This is a welcome return from an artist capable of creating beautiful intimate, musical puzzles, All I Need feels like a giant leap forward, and hopefully the first step on the road to a lot more new music from RV Farms.

Click HERE for more information on RV Farms.

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