[PREMIERE] Eureka California – MKUltra

They might be from Georgia’s most musical city, Athens, yet Eureka California’s new album has an altogether more local, to us anyway, birthplace. The album, Roadrunners, was recorded in the Suburban Home studio in Leeds with the help of Hookworms’ MJ. This was their second album recorded with the producer, yet is something of a departure from their first colaboration, Versus. Gone is the hard and fast, if it doesn’t make it onto the tape then it’s gone for good attitude and in its place something more nuanced, more layered and more experimental. The album drops on the ever-reliable Happy Happy Birthday To Me imprint next month, and today, ahead of that release we’re sharing a brand new track, MKUltra.

Photo by Stacey Pitorowska

MKUltra already sounds like something of a departure from their previous recordings, yet according to singer and guitarist Jake Ward it was almost even more radical: “This song was born out of listening to lots of Elliott Smith and George Harrison and was originally much, much slower.” It was on drummer, Marie A. Uhler’s suggestion they realised it worked better as something more upbeat and energetic.

Musically, the track loses none of Eureka California’s energy, and adds a more subtle and melodic touch; fusing the classic jangling-pop of bands like The Wedding Present or Expert Alterations with the emotive, energetic punk of Martha or Doe. Lyrically, the track is littered with references to musicians both heroic, and otherwise, with mentions of LL Cool J, Elvis Costello, and even an excellent, and well timed, dig at Morrissey. What truly makes Eureka California shine is their refusal to play by anyone elses trends or rules, a band making exactly the sort of racket they love, and in doing so they tap into something honest, raw and genuinely rather wonderful. They may be a decade into their musical career but Eureka California sound fresh, exciting and ready for whatever success is surely coming their way.

Roadrunners is out May 4th via Happy Happy Birthday To Me. Click HERE for more information on Eureka California.

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