[PREMIERE] Tigercats – Eucalyptus I

Following releases of albums on Fika Recordings and Fortuna Pop, after their second album, 2014’s Mysteries, Tigercats found themselves temporarily homeless. Now four years later they’re set to return with their third album, Pig City, out this week on El Segell del Primavera. Whether the long wait was planned or enforced, it has clearly given the band time to explore new directions, and new influences; West African music in particular is to the fore, with frontman Duncan Barrett ditching his guitar for an electronic version of the traditional thumb piano or mbira. This sonic evolution is clear to see on new single, Eucalyptus I, which we’re premiering here today.


From the slinky intro, all processed bass-pulse and flittering kalimba riffs, the track gradually swells to an infectious, rhythm-led breakdown that fans of Foals would surely admire. It’s a track that seems to always be on the verge of exploding into life; there’s a tension throughout that is constantly trying to escape, and as the distorted brass-section fills your headphones atop the complex rhythms, it’s a delightfully ambitious and bold new sound for a band a long way removed from their indie-pop roots.

If musically they sound fuller and more polished than ever, lyrically it’s anger and doubt that seem to be coming out.  As Duncan sings, “I dreamt the world was not dying, I dreamt the fascists would lose”, and latterly, “this life’s stopped making sense, and as a consequence, not sure if I’m still dreaming”, throughout he seems plagued by insecurity, unsure if the world is ever exactly as it seems. The whole track feels like a giant leap forward for Tigercats, a band who always seemed ambitious, are now realising that in their most intriguing release to date.

Pig City is out May 11th via El Segell del Primavera. Click HERE for more information on Tigercats.

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