[PREMIERE] American Darling Valve – Harper’s Song

Hailing from Miami, American Darling Valve are the duo of Ariele Macadangdang and Bryan Dubrow. Formed back in 2016, we shared their debut single, Beauty:Broken back in September, which was quickly followed by their debut EP. The band are currently gearing up for a busy Spring of releases, and today we’re premiering the first of these singles, Harper’s Song.


Harper’s Song is a track with a particular place in Ariele’s heart, as it was originally crafted as a long distance love letter to her five year old-niece during, a thankfully brief, hospitalisation. The track flashes backwards and forwards in time, one second recalling the excitement at Harper’s birth and the next jumping forward to Ariele’s hopes for her niece’s future, surmised in the beautiful line, “you name it , just say it, Harper jump so high, if you believe me, I’ll show you how we fly.”

Musically, the track is a delightfully playful affair, Ariele’s plucked violin dominates the intro, before giving way to Bryan’s expressive electric guitar work. There’s a similarly beautiful blending of styles as with Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi’s stunning collaboration; it feels like two different styles that exist in contrast to one another but come together as a cohesive, intricate whole. Their minimalist folky approach might neither be on trend in 2018, nor be likely to chime with a mainstream audience, yet for those who do delve into American Darling Valve’s world they might just find something magical.

Harper’s Song is out now. Click HERE for more information on American Darling Valve.

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