[PREMIERE] Guts Club – Metal Arms

Guts Club is Lindsey Baker, a musician and visual artist, who, going against the tide somewhat, is originally from the East Coast although now based out of New Orleans. Since sharing her debut album back in 2015, Lindsey has found much acclaim courtesy of her emotional vocal delivery and impressively dextrous guitar work. Her songs take on obsession, alienation, otherness and generally trying to find a way to belong on this planet we call Earth. The third Guts Club album, Trench Foot, is out next month and today we’re premiering the latest cut from it, Metal Arms.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
Photo by Steven Rodrigues // Header photo by Guts Club

Metal Arms is a gentle and haunting piece, six minutes of sparse, meandering guitar-lines, warm washes of slide and Lindsey’s croaked, pained vocals. Lyrically, it’s undeniably dark; images offered with blurred edges, the mind invited to draw its own conclusions, left to draw our own thoughts of lines like “I gave them my body it wasn’t mine anyway” or “I don’t open my mouth, I don’t raise my chest.” Towards the end there’s a hint of resolution, musically at least, as the lightest drum beat enters, the guitars pick-up to a warm, sun-soaked slice of country-rock, and Lindsey’s voice briefly soars with a touch of Janis Joplin or even a slightly less-jazz inclined Billie Holiday.

Trench Foot is shaping up to be a leap forward for Guts Club, a record where the raw, anguish of those early recordings remains, only now with greater focus, command and control of how it is delivered. It feels like a songwriter growing into the task, and starting to understand the breadth of their talent, Guts Club have simply never sounded better.

Trench Foot is out July 6th. Click HERE for more information on Guts Club.

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