[PREMIERE] Shapes In Calgary – U Do

Hailing from, and you probably already guessed it, Brooklyn, Shapes In Calgary are the husband-and-wife-duo of Gary and Alyssa Atturio. The pair released their well-received debut EP, Happy Now, at the back end of 2016, and are set for a return this summer with their second offering, Here. Today we’re building up to that release courtesy of the band’s new single, U Do.

Shapes In Calgary 1 - Sam Gogolak
Photos by Sam Gogolak – https://samuel-gogolak-5g2x.squarespace.com/

Described by the band as being about, “the grimy-sweet feel” of, “waking up in the morning after staying up all night, and knowing that you did something stupid, but also knowing there’s no way you can hide it.” The band try and tie that grimy, anxious feelings not just into the lyrics but the music itself, recalling acts like Metric or NRVS LVRS, they walk the line between 1980’s indie and electronic pop. Alyssa’s vocals play the role of lead, and in places become part of the music itself, her ghostly harmonies almost blurring into the bassy synths and processed beats Gary stitches beneath her.

There’s a confidence to Shapes Of Calgary’s minimal approach; for the most part there’s little more than a synth, a twinkle of guitar, a metronomic beat, and a soaring vocal. This is music built on the strength of melodies, the ability to capture a mood, to create something powerful with so little is a great skill, and suggests a band on top of their game, making the most exciting music they’ve created to date.

Here is out July 20th. Click HERE for more information on Shapes In Calgary.

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