[PREMIERE] The Nova Darlings – A Terrible Film

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Nova Darlings are a quartet of best-friends making exactly the sort of rambunctious, energetic racket you want from youthful bands hanging out in Los Angeles. The band is releasing their debut album, Ephemera, Etc. this Friday, and today we’re premiering the latest track from it, A Terrible Film.

Photos by Massimo Napoli

A Terrible Film is built around a driving beat and runs of muted guitar notes, alongside the cornerstone of all the best indie-heartbreakers, a bright, jangling rhythm guitar. Recalling acts like Tigercats or Me & The Moon, they infuse their bright, sun-drenched indie with the toe tapping brilliance of a pop song and in the repeated closing refrain, “I want to know”, they might just have made the year’s most guaranteed ear-worm.

If that’s all sounding a bit too upbeat and, whisper it, positive, don’t worry sad song fans (that’s all of you right?) there’s a wonderful melancholy lurking beneath the surface. The stand-out line, “nobody cares if it’s all true, and nobody cares what it means to you, just say it with conviction now”, could just as easily be delivered in the direction of an ex-lover or, perhaps a president, sadly not yet of the ex-variety. Bright, catchy music, with questioning, melancholic lyrics; between you and The Nova Darlings, this might just be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Ephemera, Etc. is out July 20th. Click HERE for more information on The Nova Darlings.

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