[Indietracks 2018] Haiku Salut On British Sea Power

So this week we’re going to be largely getting very excited about this coming weekend’s Indietracks festival, and as such we’re going to dedicate the site to a series of previews, interviews and playlists dedicated to everyone’s favourite festival of Indie Pop (and steam trains).

One of the band’s playing this weekend are Derbyshire’s own Haiku Salut, the festival regulars will be taking to the main stage on Sunday, and will be showcasing plenty of material from their upcoming album, There Is No Elsewhere. The band’s third record is that perfect middle ground of progression and familiarity; fans of the band will be pleased their instrumental, genre blurring tendencies remain, yet there’s plenty of new ideas and exciting forward leaps as well. Take recent single, The More and Moreness, it’s twitchy minimal electronica that wouldn’t sound out of place in the sort of Dalston/Berlin night-club you’re probably not cool enough to get into, yet there’s also a delightfully wheezing Penguin Cafe Orchestra-like accordion and a brass band, with all it’s colliery connotations and communal wonder, thrown into the mix for good measure. It’s very modern sounding music, yet it harks back to a time that predates the synthesisers and drum machines much of it was created on. There’s a yearning for simplicity implicit in Haiku Salut’s music, the creators looking back dewy eyed at the roaring heyday of British industry, from the eyes of those young enough to have only ever seen the scarred landscapes it has left behind. As the title of the record suggests this is a record routed ultimately in optimism, of making do, of finding a way to fight on and of the community spirit that exists from brass bands to miners, electronic producers to indie-pop kids, all of us together making the most of the world around us, after all, There Is No Elsewhere.

Ahead of their slot , Sophie from the band was kind enough to put together a short essay on her love for festival headliners, and Indietracks first timers, British Sea Power.

Haiku Salut (2) Elly Lucas
Photo by Elly Lucas – http://ellylucas.tumblr.com

I Love British Sea Power by Sophie Barkerwood (Haiku Salut)

British Sea Power
has five syllables. So does
Best Band In The World

Those that know me will know the extent of my love for British Sea Power. For those that don’t, hear it: I. Fucking. Love. British Sea Power. It started when I was sixteen and miserable and they were a spiky, yelpy rock band with songs about insects, bird watching and icebergs.

The important things. I first saw them in Sheffield at Club Zero fourteen years ago where, it’s possible that one of them performed the latter half of the set standing on his head amid a cacophony of plastic birds and shrubbery whilst the others melted ears drums and hung by toes from the rafters. I was miserable and they were unhinged and it was a beautiful. Since then I’ve seen them 30+ times, made them coasters out of hama beads, ended (up) on (an oily) stage playing the piano throughout “Rock in A” and, ultimately, last year Haiku Salut supported them in Louth and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a bit. They have weaved in and out of my life with albums and polar bears and forestry and have been a staple through every relationship and period of my life and they have never once let me down.

If you’re reading this Abi, Hamilton, Noble, Woody, Yan, I’d very much like to hear A Wooden Horse or Fear of Drowning at Indietracks,

Your biggest fan,


Haiku Salut play the Outdoor Stage at 5:50pm on Sunday. Their album, There Is No Elsewhere is out September 7th via PRAH. Click HERE for more information on Haiku Salut.

British Sea Power headline the outdoor stage on Saturday at 9pm. Click HERE for more information on British Sea Power.

Limited tickets are still available for Indietracks – click HERE for more information on the festival.

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