[Indietracks 2018] The Lovely Eggs – In Their Own Words

Their most recent press release came with the rather simple premise: The Lovely Eggs Play Festivals All Summer Long! And it wasn’t lying… The Lancastrian two piece are almost certainly coming to a place near you this summer, although a particularly special show by anyone’s standards comes this Friday when, for the first time they headline Indietracks.

By our count it’s The Lovely Eggs’ fifth appearance at their spiritual Derbyshire home, progressing from playing to a handful of people on a steam train, to packing out the indoor stage two years back, this is the first time they’ve let the inimitable duo go outside!  It’s fitting reward for the pair’s growing acclaim, twelve years of hard work seems to be finally paying off for the band; they’re playing their biggest ever shows and selling them out, their recent single lodged itself firmly into the vinyl charts and they even got dangerously close to a top 100 breaking album. That album, This Is Eggland, was the band’s fifth record, and probably their most ambitious yet. The band’s surrealist take on everyday living remained, yet they’d never sounded heavier, more focused or demanded the listener’s attention more. From the motorik psych of Hello I Am The Sun, to the fuzzy-energy of Dickhead, and the confrontational, The Fall like attitude-punk of Would You Fuck or I Wouldn’t Have Said That, This Is Eggland was a record that was anarchic and brutal. Perhaps that’s why in austerity-hit, Brexit-Britain, The Lovely Eggs resonate more than ever, the cult oddity have become exactly the band the world needs right now.

Ahead of their headline slot, Holly from the band took some time to answer our questions, taking in dream festival headliners, their recent success and why where The Lovely Eggs are involved you should always, “expect the unexpected”.

Photo by Elizabeth Corker

FTR: For those who don’t know, who are The Lovely Eggs?

I am Holly and he is David.

FTR: You’re Indietracks veterans now, (by our count it’s your fifth time) – what is it about the festival that keeps you coming back?

Well they keep asking us which is nice but it really feels different every year because we’re always playing different stages. I think we played the very first year on the train when we had just started the band and then the next year we played in the church and the year after that we played second on the bill to Helen Love in the shed which was an absolute privilege and then we headlined the shed and now we’re headlining the main stage outside. So it’s always something new.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not do something else?

Because 9-5s are shit and tedious. I’ve had a lot of them and had many jobs from selling ciggies and chocolate to working in nursing homes, as a tour guide, in a book shop, a journalist, in a meat shop, a producer/director at ITV. I’ve done shit loads of things and I know which way my bread is buttered. With music you get to do something that you love and do as an actual hobby anyway, plus you get paid for it, you’re yer own boss and you get free booze.

FTR: You’ve been making music for over a decade now, what’s changed in that time? Is 2018 a good time to be making music?

For us a lot has changed. We just keep experimenting and so our sound has changed a lot over the years. Because we are DIY and we don’t have anyone breathing down our neck telling us what to do, then I think we can just do whatever the fuck we want and we do so yeah I think you see that reflected in our sound. We just do what we feel like and enjoy at the time and we don’t care if anyone is into or not, it’s just a reflection of what we want to do. I’m not sure whether 2018 is a good time for making music. Time is just a man made concept to cope with the infinity of the universe innit. All I can say is I enjoyed making music 12 years ago and I still enjoy making it now.


FTR: You’re playing your largest shows ever, why do you think your music is resonating with people now?

Yeah I suppose so. Our last two UK tours have sold out. It’s a great feeling you know, going from being a band where fuck all people come to your shows to having them rammed out. I would hope that our music is resonating with people. We try to tell it how it is and to a certain extent I think this increased popularity is down to people getting on board with what we’re about and what we’re trying to say.

FTR: What can people expect from The Lovely Eggs live show? As this is your first time as Indietracks headliners, do you have anything special planned to celebrate?

Even we don’t know what to expect. I dunno. We’ve nothing special planned at the moment but you never know. Expect the unexpected.

FTR: You’re putting together your dream festival bill. Who’s headlining?

Dead: The Velvet Underground. Alive: Thee Oh Sees

FTR: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Indietracks this year?

Well unfortunately we’ve got another festival to get to that weekend so dunno how long we’ll be able to stick around for but would certainly be into seeing Gwenno, British Sea Power, Sacred Paws, Spinning Coin and Onsind. Indietracks is a lot about discovering new bands though so there’d be a lot of that going on.

FTR: Will we be seeing you in the karaoke tent after your set? What song would you be singing?

No you will not. But if I did I’d probably do something by Patsy Cline.

FTR: What’s next for The Lovely Eggs?

Loads more festivals this summer and then a UK tour in October/November. Gerronit!!

The Lovely Eggs headline the Outside Stage on Friday at 9:15pm. Click HERE for more information on The Lovely Eggs and check out their full tour dates below.

27 July – Indietracks, Ripley
29 July – Camp Bestival, East Lulworth
3 August – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge [SOLD OUT]
4 August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
11 August – Boardmasters Festival, Newquay
17 August – Greenman Festival, Brecon Beacons
7 September – Festival Number 6, Portmerion
20 October – Ritual Union Festival, Oxford
Oct/Nov Tour!
11 Oct – Beat Generator Live, Dundee
12 Oct – CCA, Glasgow
13 Oct – Bongo Club, Edinburgh
19 Oct – The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
21 Oct – The Roadmender, Northampton
22 Oct – The Maze, Nottingham
23 Oct – The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
24 Oct – The Musician, Leicester
25 Oct – 1865, Southampton
26 Oct – The Fleece, Bristol
27 Oct – The Haunt, Brighton
28 Oct – The Scala, London
9 Nov – The Cluny, Newcastle
10 Nov – Gorilla, Manchester

Limited tickets for Indietracks are still on sale – click HERE for tickets and more information.

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