[PREMIERE] Mikey Collins – Anchor In The Sea

In a strange sort of way, it seemed to take the band splitting up for the indie-world to realise just how much it appreciated Allo Darlin’. Their triumphant final shows were their largest ever and sold out in a matter of minutes, and then, that was, sort of, it. We say sort of, because all the band, in one form or another, are continuing to make music. The latest examples comes in the shape of Hoick, the debut album from the band’s drummer, Mikey Collins. That record is due out later this month on Fika Recordings, and today we’re premiering the video to the latest track to be lifted from it, Anchor In The Sea.


Mikey’s music is something of a sonic departure from his old band; the upbeat pop atmosphere remains, however into the mix comes a rhythmic freedom, and an expanse of intriguing sounds. Perhaps the nearest touchstone to the Mikey Collins sound comes in the music of Spacebomb head honcho, Matthew E. White, although unlike White and his gargantuan houseband, Mikey is doing almost everything himself, playing almost every instrument on the record.

Much of the record’s lyrical content seems to have been inspired by Mikey’s love for the sea, an attachment that has grown in recent years with his relocation to his new home of Ramsgate. From the title alone, you can tell Anchor In The Sea is one such track. To the sound of a pulsing bassy shuffle and bright synth tones, Mikey narrates a tale of how the effect of a single, seemingly insignificant moment can affect your life so greatly and pull you back to it, “like an anchor in the sea”.

Discussing Hoick, Mikey has described it as, “the first musical project that I feel proud of the moment I finished it”. Perhaps that’s the drummer in him, drawn to the easy grooves, disco rhythms and shimmering sonic ambition of the record, or perhaps it’s just that it is a record that is unquestionably something to be proud of; ambitious, beautifully recorded and bursting with all the joys of life.

Hoick is out August 17th via Fika Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Mikey Collins.

Mikey’s album launch is August 14th at Paper Dress Vintage. Click HERE for more information and all upcoming dates.

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