[PREMIERE] Yolanda – Drivver/New Waltz

There are certain, “other”, careers that you might expect from your average aspiring musician. You get a lot of bar staff, plenty work in PR, an impressive amount are PhD students; to our knowledge though, Nicholas Abraham, aka Yolanda, might be the first A&E Doctor we’ve covered. The debut Yolanda album, What Vision, was crafted in between working eighty-hour weeks at LA County Hospital, almost impressive enough for us to consider the four years it took to write acceptable. Following the album’s recent release, today we’re sharing the video to one of the record’s stand-out moments, Drivver/New Waltz.

Image 29-08-2018 at 08.17

The track is accompanied by a puppet themed film, courtesy of videographers, Rocco & Giles, following the story of Cain, a puppeteer pulled out of the circle of poverty after being taken under the wing of the legendary Bob Baker, founder of Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater. Driver/New Waltz serves as a wonderful introduction to Yolanda’s woozy, dreamy music. Propelled by an almost Strokes-like drum beat, the track is cut through with shimmering guitars, and Nicholas’ impassioned vocal, which takes on a touch of Timber Timbre creepiness as it distorts on the louder sections; the words almost lost to the sheer energy of the whole thing.

As a footnote, if you weren’t already slightly in love with an Emergency Room Doctor who crafts impeccable wonky-pop songs in his limited spare time, he even took the name Yolanda from, a once tiny palm-sized white cat”, adopted when he was on holiday in Cuba. Just put this man in charge of the planet already would you?

What Vision is out now. Click HERE for more information on Yolanda.


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