[PREMIERE] Mt. Doubt – Blemishes

Fluctuating between a solo project and a full band, Mt. Doubt is the musical project of Edinburgh songwriter, a prolific EP releaser, Leo Bargery. Following on from the two extended-play releases of last year, Moon Landings and The Loneliness Of The TV Watcher, the next Mt. Doubt record will arrive next month with the release of, This Must Mean Something Awful on the excellent Scottish Fiction label.


Ahead of that release, today we’re premiering Blemishes, the first single from This Must Mean Something Awful. The track find’s Leo moving his songwriting to even more hushed and sombre territory. Here, his vocal, equal parts Jim James and John Grant, is set to a delightfully roomy production, despite its minimalism the track sounds huge, like you’ve just wandered into an aircraft hangar and Leo is sat on the opposite side gently strumming an acoustic guitar as his sonorous vocal fills every corner.

A strength of Mt. Doubt’s music has always been Leo’s ability with imagery; piecing together a narrative of his words is difficult, here he jumps from underpass to swimming pool in a series of scenes, however like all the great story-tellers, you can picture each of them. You feel his frustration as he questions, “how much more I can take of sitting around on my hands”, you feel his desperation as he talks of depressing hotel rooms and struggles to remember, “days out by the pool side, days I don’t know, days I don’t recognise”. Throughout he creates a world that draws you in, even if it is not always an easy one to view.

After the more straight-up alternative sound of his previous work, Blemishes feels like a departure and a very good one. A songwriter playing with production and instrumentation and finding the perfect way to present each song. His most impressive track to date, and one that suggests, This Must Mean Something Awful, might be anything but awful for the rest of us.

This Must Mean Something Awful is out October 13th via Scottish Fiction Records. Click HERE for more information on Mt. Doubt.


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