[PREMIERE] Worst Place – Square Eyes / Soak

One of our favourite new discoveries of the year, Worst Place won us over with a great set that kicked off this year’s Indietracks. What we haven’t heard from the band this year, up until now, is any new recorded material. Their debut single, Dreamer landed back in 2017 as part of the Art Is Hard Postcard Series, and we’re delighted today to be sharing the follow up. Coming out on a self-released cassette, Square Eyes/Soak is a double-A single, both tunes self-recorded, “over the course of a series of sessions in spaces that we begged/stole/borrowed”.

Worst Place no credit
Photo uncredited / Header photo by Wayout http://instagram.com/wayout_

Worst Place only formed back in 2016, yet already seem to be producing a brilliantly mature take on dreamy-pop. What’s also becoming clear with these additional offerings is Worst Place’s versatility; Soak and Square Eyes showcasing very different sides to the band’s impressive sound. Square Eyes, a love letter to spending nights in front of the screen with your current squeeze, is the more immediate of the two tracks, a classically indie jangler in the mould of Veronica Falls or Flowers. Soak is possibly the more intriguing of the two, with jarring Mothers-like guitar work giving way to a driving bassline. The whole track has a widescreen-rock sound more akin to the Americana-tinged indie of My Morning Jacket or even, in the soaring outro, Lift To Experience.

As if all this wasn’t exciting enough, the band have also confirmed that they’ve finished work on the five tracks that will make up their debut EP, due sometime in 2019: Worst Place just might in the best place to be your new favourite band.

Soak/Square Eyes is out October 26th. Click HERE for more information on Worst Place.

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