[PREMIERE] We Show Up On Radar – A Theogony

As anyone who’s studied classics, or can use Wikipedia, will tell you, Theogony, is a poem by Hesiod describing the origins and genealogies of the Greek gods. On the other hand, A Theogony, is the new single from We Show Up On Radar, aka Nottingham based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Andy Wright. The track is the first to be lifted from his wonderfully titled upcoming album, Zanzibar Whip Coral, out later in the year on Fika Recordings.


A Theogony is a wonderful introduction to We Show Up On Radar’s world, a world full of beauty and oddness, strange characters and honest human emotions, laced through with the bleakest melancholies and the brightest, most hopeful swells of uplifting sound. Beginning life with just a Sparklehorse-like distorted guitar line, and Andy’s barely there vocal, A Theogony swells and drifts throughout its perfect three-minute run-time. Meandering piano lines, entwine and dance with a Wurlitzer, backing vocals sound like the most downbeat Gospel-choir you’ll ever come across, and the big brass-finale, that could sound clichéd in a lesser songwriter’s hands, feel like it’s transporting you off to a brave new world.

The sort of track you can listen to time and time again, and still feel like you’ve never quite pieced it all together; fascinating, beautifully rewarding songwriting, existing in the intriguing outskirts of pop-music, where all the most interesting kids hide out. As the press release says, “let’s all fly away on each other’s smiles”, one track in and We Show Up On Radar have already got us grinning from ear to ear.

Zanzibar Whip Coral is out March 22nd via Fika Recordings and available to pre-order HERE. Click HERE for more information on We Show Up On Radar.

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