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We Say…

As one of our top tips for 2019, we’ve lavished praise on Eerie Wanda, the Netherlands based band, formed around the songwriting of Croatian-born audio-visual artist, Marina Tadic. This week will see their second album, Pet Town, shared with the world, a record Marina has described as, “an exercise in isolated creativity”, recorded using minimal record techniques, with each member recording separately, all searching to find some sort of inspiration from that solitude.

The resultant album is one that is undeniably minimalistic; skeletal sketches of sound woven into songs, yet it never falls into cliched tropes of stripped back bleakness. It isn’t a record that revels in the sadness of loneliness, rather a celebration of the opportunity for quiet contemplation that solitude can provide. There’s a warmth to Pet Town, not associated with minimalism, it feels very intimate and authentic, acoustic guitars are overlain with warm, layered vocals, and beats made from hand-claps, snapped fingers and retro sounding drum machines. Pet Town is a record that takes familiar ideas and repurposes them into something subtly fascinating, a record about growth, solitude and taking the time to find your place in the world.

They Say…

Photo by Raphael Irie – // Header Photo by Adam Harding –

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Eerie Wanda?

I’m a songwriter based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I started the Eerie Wanda project about 4 years ago when my friend and amazing bassist Jasper Verhulst (Jacco Gardner, Altin Gun) said he would like to help me make an album and get a band together. We released that album (“Hum” ) on Beyond Beyond is Beyond records in 2016. Nicola Mauskovic (the Mauskovic Dance Band) played drums and Bram Vervaet the guitar.

Now the band has changed into me, Jasper, Jeroen de Heuvel on keys and Keez Groenteman on drums. We recorded a new album called “Pet Town” which is coming out on the 25th of January on Joyful Noise Recordings. The new album sounds quite minimal: there are no drums, just handclaps, percussion and a Roland CR78 drumcomputer. And then ofcourse bass, guitar, vocals and organs. The songs are small and intimate but pretty catchy.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

We opened up for Amen Dunes in Amsterdam. I have good memories from that night! People responded well and were kind. Amen Dunes were also very kind.
My microphone was giving me electric shocks, that wasn’t very nice. So we put a scarf on it, it looked quite silly.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Music is the most direct art form I think. It hits me in the heart. It unites people. It’s the best thing humans have ever made, if you ask me!

FTR: What can people expect from the Eerie Wanda live show?

They can expect a warm sounding, dreamy set with songs to listen to, songs to cry to and even songs to dance to.
My bandmates are very handsome so they will have cute guys to look at as well!

FTR: What’s next for Eerie Wanda ?

There’s a new video coming out really soon, then the album release on the 25th of January, and then we have the Dutch shows to play. It’s busy times!

They Listen To…

Julee Cruise – Into the Night

The Blue Rondos – Little Baby

Connie Converse – Father Neptune

Neil Young – Don’t Cry No Tears

Devo – Gates Of Steel

Pet Town is out January 25th via Joyful Noise. Click HERE for more information on Eerie Wanda.

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