[PREMIERE] Rainbow Reservoir – Forest Fire

In the shape of the excellent Channel Hanna, Rainbow Reservoir made one of our favourite fuzzy-pop records of last year. The band, now a duo after the departure of previous drummer Max Higgs, are currently making plans for 2019, and are today sharing the video to the latest track lifted from Channel Hanna, Forest Fire.

Photos by Marcus Maschwitz – http://www.marcusmaschwitz.co.uk

Forest Fire was one of the many highlights of Channel Hanna, a raucous, rambunctious two-minute ball of fuzzy noise; all scuzzy guitars and primal drum battering. Lyrically, it seems to deal with that person in your life, you know is bad for you but you keep going back to anyway, with the repeated refrain, “you’re a forest fire, please destroy me”. The accompanying video marks a welcome return for the sock puppet heroes of previous video, Fuzzy, and you can read what Rainbow Reservoir have to say about the video below.

“The second instalment of the Rainbow’s End sock-com, Forest Fire, is taken from Parisa’s fan-cam collection. It shows the very moment Rainbow Reservoir became a two piece. The footage is taken from RR’s performance at Sockstock 2018 and displays the infectious fun and boundless energy of their live show. Stay tuned for the next episode in which Parisa and the other odd socks go on a field trip to Buckingham Palace and Scooby Doo hijinx ensue”.

Channel Hanna is out now via Odd Box Records. Click HERE for more information on Rainbow Reservoir.



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