[PREMIERE] Meanlife – Fuckable

Meanlife are the Toronto based band led by Jackson Fishauf. The band started making their, “smirk-rock”, music back in 2018, and are set to release their debut album, Bad Vibes In The Womb, later this year. Today we’re premiering the latest single from the record, Fuckable.


Discussing the track, Jackson has suggested it’s a reflection on life in the Tinder generation, a critique of hook-up culture, where, “desirability being determined digitally means a lot is up to interpretation, run through prejudices, and after a string of failures you’re left questioning yourself”. Jackson’s self-doubts are soundtracked in a passionate vocal recalling Wolf Parade as the guitars fizz-like Fugazi, and the addition of choppy piano adds a contrasting chamber-pop flourish.

At the heart of Meanlife’s appeal is the honesty of the music; there’s no dressing their anxieties up,it’s raw, ragged and entirely to the point. This is very early days for Meanlife’s music, an exciting start, this is music loaded with potential and it could be thrilling seeing where they take it next.

Bad Vibes in the womb is out later this year. Click HERE for more information on Meanlife.

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