[PREMIERE] Titus Haug – Winter Sweater

Born and raised in Southern Japan, Titus Haug is a songwriter with California heavily ingrained in his musical heritage. Now based out of San Diego, Titus caught the ear of many with his debut album, There Is Time back in 2017. After extensively touring that record, Titus teamed up with producer Greg Giorgio, known for his work with The National and Frightened Rabbit, and the result his upcoming EP, River Eyes, out later this month. Today we’re premiering the latest track to be lifted from that record, Winter Sweater.

Photos by Craig Harris

Perhaps accidentally, the title instantly put us in mind of the Yo La Tengo-classic, Autumn Sweater, the track though, while sharing some of the same lyrical-DNA has a somewhat different musical feel. Titus’ sound is somewhere between the sun-drenched vibes of Laurel Canyon and the more intimate folk stylings of Fionn Regan. Intricate, bright guitar work, is pitched alongside the steady drive of bass and drums, as Titus is given plenty of room to play with melodic flourishes and clever vocal intonations; particularly special are the moments where a second voice enters, in delightful close harmony.

Lyrically, the track is a delightful painting of an idealised future, even the fact anyone would ever need a jumper in San Diego feels somewhat optimistic. If we sound cynical, Titus sounds anything but, as he sings, “I am looking forward to the days we will have together, let us be a family, knit our hearts like a winter sweater”. This is a genuine song of hope, an unerring belief in a brighter, simple future, as Titus sings, “love is the finest thing to have for one another”, it’s hard to argue, and not believe, even if only for a second, love might actually be the answer to all the world’s troubles.

River Eyes is out April 12th. Click HERE for more information on Titus Haug.

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