[PREMIERE] L I P S – Sunken

We’re not saying everyone should just up sticks and move to Falmouth, but the Cornish seaside town does seem to currently be producing a shockingly high proportion of music we’re covering on the site. The latest wonderful act to emerge from the Southwest are dreamy-indie types L I P S, who are set to release their self-titled, debut EP this weekend through Chicago based label, Sunday Records. Ahead of that, today we’re sharing the latest track to be lifted from the EP, Sunken.

Photos by Katie Goff – https://katiegoffphotography.format.com/

Following on from their break-out moment, debut single Apartment, Sunken instantly transports you to a world of shimmering guitars, crystalline vocals and crisp, disarmingly energetic rhythms. At the centre of everything here is Rachel Anstis’ vocal, woozy with reverb, one moment engulfed by the dense music that swells around it, then the next stepping confidently out to the front of the mix. The whole track builds to a bold and beautifully controlled crescendo of noise, a huge cacophony of distorted guitars, rumbling bass and crashing snare drums.

Sunken is just one of many highlights on L I P S’ hugely impressive debut; a sublimely recorded collection of classic-pop songs given a modern twist, a record equally like to draw admiring glances from fans of The Sundays and Alvvays as it does from their more underground peers like Worst Place and Foundlings. There’s a current wave of brilliant indie-pop coming to the forefront of the UK’s musical underground, and on this evidence L I P S might just be the band who have the world remembering just how exciting guitar music can still sound.

L I P S EP is out April 13th. Click HERE for more information on L I P S.

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