Five Things We Liked This Week – 26/04/19

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5. The Mother Of All Lucy Dacus Singles 

With a multitude of tour dates on either side of the Atlantic promoting her excellent 2018 album, Historian, you could forgive Lucy Dacus for taking it easy on the new music for a bit. Thankfully though, you won’t need to, as Lucy has set up an almost Sufjan Stevens’ level of niche musical project, attempting to construct a series of Holiday themed tracks, to be released across 2019 for various days from Christmas and Halloween through to Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday (we get a day off for that right?).

This week’s offering comes in the shape of My Mother & I, release to coincide with both Taurus Season, when both Lucy and her mother were born, and the American version of Mother’s day. High concepts aside, My Mother & I is a beautiful track, with no need for a backstory. The track is both a reflection on all sorts of shared characteristics mother and child can share, from problems with body image through to the shared stubbornness and empathy traditionally associated with those babies born in the month of May. Lucy puts it far better than we ever could, ‘We — daughters, and all children — easily inherit the shame and fear of our mothers, but also the pride, self-assurance, and lessons of love.” If you weren’t already excited about the remaining holidays in 2019 already, Lucy Dacus has given us all plenty to be thrilled about.

My Mother & I is out now via Matador Records. Click HERE for more information on Lucy Dacus.

4. Erin Durant Hits The Road

Although based out of New York for over a decade, it’s arguably her home city of New Orleans that’s a more obvious musical influence on the sound of Erin Durant. Erin caught the ear of many with her 2016 debut, Blueberry Mountain, not least with TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone, who was enamoured enough to produce Erin’s upcoming second record, Islands. This week ahead of Islands’ June release, Erin has shared the latest track from it, Highway Blue.

Discussing Highway Blue, Erin has suggested the track is a musing on, “the space of what’s left when someone is gone”, and space seems to be an equally important factor in the sound of the track. Erin’s crisp, soaring vocal is given plentiful room to breathe, as lush Joanna Newson-like piano and gorgeous brushed drum-patterns carry the track along, with plentiful flourishes of harmonica for company. To share a track so sparsely produced as this takes a great confidence in your songwriting, and on this evidence Erin Durant has every reason to be confident.

Islands is out June 21st via Keeled Scales. Click HERE for more information on Erin Durant.

3. Siobhan Wilson Puts The April Into April

After the success of 2017’s There Are No Saints, things just seem to keep getting more and more exciting for Scottish songwriter, Siobhan Wilson. Siobhan was recently granted a PRS Momentum Music Fund grant, had her song featured on prime time television, and appeared in session on BBC Scotland. All of which might just seem like a sideshow to the upcoming moment of excitement that will be the May release of her upcoming album, The Departure.

Ahead of The Departure’s release, Siobhan has this week shared her, “defiant hymn to female empowerment”, April. The track, perhaps unsurprisingly from the title, focuses on the idea of re-birth, and regeneration, and how that gives us all a chance to decide who we want to be; tough, beautiful, even both, as Siobhan sings, “be a mountain if you want…or a mountain flower”. Of the track, Siobhan suggests, “It’s my way of trying to send a direct message out to do whatever the hell you want with your body, your time, and make your own decisions about your life.” Some of the possibilities Siobhan points out seem quite generic, ideas that could be aimed at anyone and everyone, however others feel deeply personal, there’s a certain sense of the pressure women are under to be mothers, and her own desires, to be loud, to fear failure and to embrace success, “you make your own rules, you break the ones you choose”. Siobhan Wilson is walking her own musical path, and sounding this exciting that’s exactly how it should be.

The Departure is out May 10th via Suffering Fools Records. Click HERE for more information on Siobhan Wilson.

2. Face It Outer Spaces New Single Is Great

Outer Space is the name of the current project of Baltimore based songwriter Cara Beth Satalino. We previously featured them back in 2016 around the release of their well-received debut album, A Shedding Snake. This week Outer Spaces have detailed a brand new record, Gazing Globe, out on Western Vinyl in June, as well as sharing the first single from it, I See Her Face.

The track, is in Cara’s own words, “basically about embracing optimism…the ‘her’ referred to in the song is probably a more optimistic, lighter, brighter version of myself hidden somewhere waiting to be found.” Musically, the track also has a certain bright glow to it, albeit it one where you feel there’s a more melancholic edge hiding not far from sight. There’s a winning contrast between the breeziness of the light drums and Cara’s vocal delivery and the more crunchy tones of electric guitar. By the sound of it optimism suits Outer Space, so we best get used to seeing a lot of of that face!

Gazing Globe is out June 28th via Western Vinyl. Click HERE for more information on Outer Spaces.

1. A New Esther Rose Track Well Ain’t That Handy

As those who’ve looked up the name of the site will already know, we’re big fans of Country singers with the surname Rose, and this week we were delighted to find it wasn’t just Caitlin we had to be excited about. Hailing from New Orleans, Esther Rose, no relation as far as we know, has actually been quietly gaining fans since the release of her 2017 record, This Time Last Night, which Jack White liked so much he invited Esther to come and sing with him on his Boarding House Reach album. This week, Esther has not only shared a brand new single, Handyman, but also confirmed the upcoming release of her second album, You Made It This Far, out in August on Father/Daughter Records.

Listening to Handyman, what instantly grabbed us was the integrity of it all; there’s a purity to both the unpolished playing and the effortless, dripping emotion of the vocal delivery. We’re put in mind of the first time we heard Hurray For The Riff Raff; the way from barely a single phrase we wanted to know everything about the person singing it, sometimes a song just grabs you, just demands your uninterrupted attention, Handyman does just that. There’s a winning simplicity to the instrumentation; the gentle drive of a snare drum, the meandering weave of the fiddle, the minimal pulse of upright bass, all serve to give a platform to Esther’s tale of an affection still burning, despite the quiet questioning, “I hope you change your mind, won’t you try?” Timeless, beautiful, and quite, quite brilliant, we might just have found our new favourite songwriter.

You Made It This Far is out August 23rd via Father/Daughter Records. Click HERE for more information on Esther Rose.

Header photo is Esther Rose by Rush Jagoe –

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