[PREMIERE] Molly Linen – Away

Originally from Shropshire, Molly Linen has now set up home in Glasgow. Later this month, with the release of her excellent single Away, Molly will become the latest member of the Lost Map Records PostMap Club, along with the likes of Martha Ffion and Savage Mansion. Ahead of that release, today we’re sharing the accompanying video, created by artist Beth Chalmers.

Photo by Beth Chalmers – http://www.bethchalmers.com/

On Away, Molly seems to create a compelling musical landscape to dive into, even without the hazy atmosphere of the accompanying video. The track seems to create not just a mood but an entire world, despite the lightness of touch, there’s something bruising and rugged about the sound; like a desolate moorland, Molly’s voice rattling around you like the wind, as the jagged guitars rattle your bones, and the crisp hits of snare cut through, sending you spiralling with their intensity. That such a landscape is created with such subtle instrumentation is testament to Molly’s songwriting prowess.

To put this into context this is Molly’s debut single, and yet it already sounds so remarkably mature, so beautifully focused, and so frightfully exciting. With an EP in the pipeline for later this year, Molly Linen might just be the most exciting new musical voice we’ve heard in a very long time.

Away / Over That Hill is out May 26th via Lost Map. Click HERE for more information on Molly Linen.


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