[PREMIERE] Maripool – Home

Maripool is the songwriting moniker of Lisbon-born, London based songwriter Natasha Simões. Natasha, a self-described, ‘one girl band’ works entirely solo, writing and playing all the instruments, transmitting her songs straight from her bedroom and out into the world. Natasha first appeared back in February last year with the six track EP, Adult Weakness. Her next cassette is set to arrive next month, when the second Maripool EP, I See Everything I Know Nothing, comes out, and today we’re sharing the latest single from it, Home.

Maripool promo photo by Lola Swan
Photo by Lola Swan

Discussing the inspiration behind Home, Natasha has suggested it’s about taking your first steps out into the world, a reflection on, “when you’re young and leave home
under the illusion that life will be fine and everything will work itself out”. The track starts with a gentle naive optimism, and slowly finds itself having to grow up and face reality, as Natasha sings, “she was in a dream, she can’t get out of”.

Musically, the track seems to mirror the emotional journey detailed in the lyrics, the track starts out with a bright, sun-drenched quality, reminiscent of the dreamy soundscapes created by Hazel English. The track then seems to subtly dive into darker tones, the steady tick of a double-time drum lifts the easy guitar line, and sends it sliding into darker, bolder tones. Initially we’re given a respite from the melancholic turn as the track slips back to the blissed-out feel of the intro, then as the final words slide away to the instrumental outro, the bubble is well and truly burst.

From the comfort of her bedroom, Natasha Simões seems to have created an entire technicolour musical world, a bold vision for her sound and where it can take her. On this evidence the sky is truly the only limit.

I See Everything I Know Nothing is out July 5th. Click HERE for more information on Maripool.


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