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We Say…

Hailing from Chicago, Gia Margaret is a self-described, “sleep-rock”, songwriter, with a sound that combines elements from various genres, from folk to ambient electronica. Her musical vision came to the fore on her excellent, self-produced debut album, There’s Always Glimmer, originally released last summer on Orindal Records. A sign of Gia’s growing reputation, the record was recently given a world wide re-release, catching an even wider audience in the process.

There’s Always Glimmer was written originally as a treatment for Gia’s own insomnia, a collection of tracks that exist in the weird half-awake hours of the middle of the night; melancholic but hopeful, finding beauty even in your darkest moments. There’s a musical versatility throughout, whether it’s the minimal strum of Figures, the fluttering electronics of Goodnight or the fuzzy joys of West. Throughout the record, there’s a wonderfully mundane quality to Gia’s words, sketches of the everyday living, of human relationships that slowly unwind rather than crash land. As the title says, there’s always glimmer, and in Gia Margaret’s music that couldn’t be more true, in the darkness of the night, the passing of time, there’s always something to pull you through. A shimmer of light in the quiet of the night, Gia Margaret’s music is there to fill the hours, and guide you through to the coming dawn.

They Say…

Photo by Rachel Winslow –

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Gia Margaret?

Songwriter/producer from Chicago, IL.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

That I played or attended? The first show I went to (without supervision) at age 15 was Inara George, Nada Surf and Rogue Wave. It was very formative. I remember smoking my first cigarette and I remember being blown away by Inara. I had unfortunately never seen a woman play guitar on stage before that moment. She was/is amazing. The first show I played was at this place called the Elbo Room in Chicago. My college roommate played violin and sang harmony, my set was mostly covers because I had only written one or two songs. I wanted to throw up.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

I used to make visual art but I never got the same satisfaction. I make music because it’s the only thing in my life that doesn’t take much effort. (Not that I don’t work hard) but it always makes sense somehow and it is one of the few things I can count on to bring me joy! I feel like I’m not even exactly sure where it comes from so something about that feels like it’s beyond me or has some magic in it.

FTR: What can people expect from the Gia Margaret live show?

A one woman show (for now) sparkly electric guitar, ambient soundscapes, intimate vocals, awkward stage banter!

FTR: What’s next for Gia Margaret?

Getting a band together. More records 🙂

They Listen To…

Sufjan Stevens – Love Yourself

Aldous Harding – Fixture Picture

Karl Blau – Before Telling Dragons

Cocteau Twins – Half Gift

Bonnie Raitt – Thank You

There’s Always Glimmer is out now via Dalliance Records. Click HERE for more information on Gia Margaret.

Upcoming Tour Dates
Fri 30 – Big Next Weekend, Gent, Belgium
Sat 31 – Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland, Netherlands

Sun 1 – End of the Road Festival, Dorset, United Kingdom
Mon 2 – YES, Manchester, United Kingdom
Wed 4 – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, United Kingdom
Thu 5 – St Pancras Old Church, London, United Kingdom
Sat 7 – The Louisiana, Bristol, United Kingdom
Sun 8 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, United Kingdom
Tue 10 – Cinetol, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wed 11 – Le Pop Up Du Label, Paris, France

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