[PREMIERE] Trying – Blowing Wishes

Today we’re heading back to Columbus, Ohio for the second time in three days, after sharing the new Van Dale album earlier this week. Today’s offering comes from Trying, the dreamy bedroom pop project based around the songwriting of Cameron Carr.  It was only last year the band released their debut album, Leave and Never Come Back, yet proving themselves to be the epitome of productive, the quartet have three different releases in the pipeline. The upcoming EP, I Won’t Let You Lose The Rhythm, is a musing on the theme of support, alongside the companion piece, I Just Can’t Feel The Rhythm, which deals with ideas of struggles; the two then coming together, along with new material, to try and bring both subjects together. Ahead of all that hectic releasing, today we’re sharing a brand new track, Blowing Wishes.

Trying on Couch_Sierra Mollenkopf
Photo by Sierra Mollenkopf // Header Photo by Samuel Harris

Recalling the likes of Yo La Tengo or Broadcast, Blowing Wishes is an ideal soundtrack to these hazy summer afternoons. Deceptively rapid tumbles of electric-guitar, contrast with the simple pulse of the rhythm section and some delightfully mellow clarinet lines. The track is a masterful build from the genteel acoustic introduction through to the lush twangs of the instrumental outro.

The comforting tones of the music are the perfect accompaniment to the questioning lyrics, there’s a certain wistfulness to the words, a positivity spun through with a subtle uncertainty. Through the song, the two protagonists seem to be on something of an interlinked journey, they part with the certainty of a return, “we’re leaving now, soon we’ll be gone but someday we’ll be back through here”. Ultimately they seem together, bond on a shared destination, “do you wanna say goodbye now? Let’s take our time let’s breath, pack up everything we’ve found now we’re blowing wishes on the way out of town”.

Trying are band who clearly see no limits to where there music can go, they may not shout from the roof-tops, yet their ambition is clear. Beautifully crafted dissections of the human condition, thoughtful both in musicality and lyricism: give this band your time and you won’t regret it.

I Won’t Let You Lose The Rhythm is out July 26th. Click HERE for more information on Trying.

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