[EP PREMIERE] Tall Kingdom – True Enough

Tall Kingdom is the Leeds-based project of Stuart Thomas (Mountain Range) and Richard Meller (Will & Held). The two bonded over a shared love for post-rock and contemporary pop music, and meld the two into intricate sketches of ethereal electronica. We last heard from them some nine-months back, with the release of their debut EP, Frames, and the duo are set to return with the True Enough EP, out tomorrow, which we’re premiering here today.

Photos by Amy Heycock – http://www.amyheycock.com

As you’d perhaps expect with a band maturing into their sound, on True Enough, Tall Kingdom seem to delve deeper into their influences and produce something more distinct and confident as a result. The contrast between the ideas on show are crisper, as the dark intensity of the bassy pulse is set-against the more melodic flourishes, whether they come from arpeggiated synths and choppy vocals on Pause, or the surprisingly wistful, nostalgia-inducing string flourishes of North.

Discussing the project, Tall Kingdom, have suggested that True Enough was music written for the night, this presents in different ways throughout. Change The Skies offers smooth trip-hop vocals, courtesy of Jekka, to a distinctly club-ready beat, before fading to a delightful subtle outro, as if the lights have just come up and everyone’s wondering where the night make take them next. Like not all nights are nights out though, not all electronic music is written for dance floors, which is very apparent on the experimental closing number, Pick Up The Pieces. Featuring a delightfully textural vocal from long-term collaborator Kari, the track melds intense stabs of pure noise with moments of near silences, the pair’s love of the light and shade offered by orchestral music and post-rock, fuses with their melodic electronics, to create probably Tall Kingdom’s most unique creation to date.

Across True Enough, Tall Kingdom remind us of just what can be achieved with the cross-pollination of musical genres, borrowing sounds and ideas from across the musical spectrum and fusing them into visions of their own. At a time where music is accessible at the click of a button, perhaps Tall Kingdom more than anyone else, show that this can have a positive impact on music’s future, that creativity can still exist, and the music will continue to evolve as long as people are prepared to push things forward.

True Enough is out tomorrow. Click HERE for more information on Tall Kingdom.

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