Grand Prix : Road Trip A Mixtape by Swine Tax.

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Swine Tax were one of our top tips for 2019. The band recently completed their first European tour, and celebrate their return home by releasing a brand new single, Grand Prix.


Grand Prix is the band’s attempt to reflect on the competitive nature of modern living, where society puts pressure on us all to be competitive with one another, and sharpen our elbows on our route to pole position. Musically, the track combines influences from the garage-rock of the 1960’s and the angular post-punk of the 1980’s, coming out like the middle ground of The Young Knives and Television.

Celebrating the recent release, and the amount of time Swine Tax have been spending in a van of late, today the band have put together a road-trip themed mixtape, featuring the likes of Pip Blom, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Modern Lovers.

This is our road trip mega-mix! We’ve spent many hours swapping scuffed CDs in and out of TK’s Corsa whilst on tour this summer. Here are ten songs that we hammered hard whilst on the road, with a few words from us on why they’re class. We’ve added a “most quoted line” bit underneath each song too – this is the earworm lyrics, the ones that we like to moronically repeat to each other for days on end (to the bewilderment and concern of other people). Have fun annoying your friends…

The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

Jonathan Richman has one of the most original and authentic voices in rock music. In this two-chord Velvets inspired banger, Richman’s words tumble out effortlessly as he sings about “going faster miles an hour” down the motorway. His shiny-eyed worldview and heart-on-the-sleeve honesty is so infectious. It feels good to be alive doesn’t it? – Vince

Most quoted line: “One two three four five six… DUH DUH DUH”

A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

Taken from their classic album Midnight Marauders, this hypnotic head-nodder is perfect to listen to whilst cruising your way down the M62. Through the sheer force of their charisma and chemistry, MCs Q-Tip and Phife once again find the right balance between charm and filth. Only ATCQ could make a dirty track about girl-chasing (and ejaculating on the sofa) sound this mesmerising and classy.
– Vince

Most quoted line: “Shorty let me tell you about my only vice, it has to do with lots of loving and it ain’t nothing nice… it ain’t nothing nice!”

Canshaker Pi – Pressure From Above

Canshaker Pi are amongst a wave of exciting rock bands currently breaking out of the Netherlands. They’re explosive, inventive and absolutely brilliant. This upbeat yet bittersweet track from their ‘Naughty Naughty Violence’ LP perfectly encapsulates the feelings of self-doubt and loneliness that can ambush you when you’ve sunk a few beers. – Vince

Most quoted line: “I just don’t like pissing sitting down… again”

The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself

No one paints vivid pictures of British street life and culture quite like Mike Skinner. There’s no bragging or self-mythology bullshit with The Streets. Instead you get hilarious and heartfelt stories told in a conversational tone. With songs about dodgy fast food and regret-soaked hangovers, Original Pirate Material provided an excellent soundtrack to our tour – Vince

Most quoted line: “Seriously Mick, you fucker”

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

Oh shit! We have to be in Amsterdam for a show in an hour, but we’re still larking about on the autobahn. Not to worry, we have Ace Of Spades to see us through. A punishing riff and it’s pedal to the metal – the Vauxhall Corsa has reached optimum speed. – Charlie

Most quoted line: “…that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live for ever… and don’t forget the joker!!!”

IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome

A band sing-along favourite. We have taken great pleasure in yelling “HOT AIR!” at the worst possible times, both on stage and on the road. Now that’s expressionism. – Charlie

Most quoted line: “HOT AIR!”

Black Midi – 953

Another tune that is going to get you from A to B in good time. A riff-laden mass of organised chaos that is certain to get the adrenaline pumping. Paired well with many pints of Grolsch. Schlagenheim? More like Sch-lager-time! – Charlie

Most quoted line: “This is not who you are. Not who you want to be. Not who I want you to be…”

Pip Blom – Tired

Both familiar and arresting, Pip’s soothing melodies have just enough bite to get you through a late night trek back up the A1. – TK

Most quoted line: “I’m so tired I fall asleep with the lights on”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

Karen O’s distinctive howl is ingrained in the brains of anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention to rock music over the last two decades. This disco banger gets us back in the zone whenever spirits start to flag. – TK

Most quoted line: “Off, off with your head, dance, dance ’til you’re dead dead!”

Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love

We were somewhere around Wetherby, on the edge of North Yorkshire, when the pick-n-mix began to take hold… – TK

Most quoted line: “Don’t you want somebody to love?”

Grand Prix is out July 26th. Click HERE for more information on Swine Tax.

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