[PREMIERE] Brunch – Working From Home

Brunch are a London-based quartet, who in their own words work in the genre of, “rock”. Next month will see the band release their third album, The Golden Age, a record about, “the ups and downs of life in 2019 for a man with a car”. Ahead of that release today we’re sharing the latest single from it, Working From Home.

press pic2

While not many bands proudly wear the, “rock” tag in 2019, on Working From Home, Brunch seem to embrace it.  The track fizzes with Pavement-like riffs, clattering drums and raw, howled vocals. There’s something charmingly uncomplicated about it, the music is direct and driving, even as the lyrics portray the joys of procrastination and time wasting.

Music can at times get overly cerebral, it can feel like it’s always striving for some sort of higher meaning, Brunch seem to offer an antidote to that. This is a reminder of the white knuckle thrill that music can bring about, the rush of volume, the togetherness of musicians collaborating to make beautiful, noisy escapism. Brunch are a reminder of why we loved music in the first place, and sometimes that’s a reminder everyone needs.

The Golden Age is out November 15th. Click HERE for more information on Brunch.



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