[PREMIERE] Oh, Rose – Baby

Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Oh, Rose are a quartet based around the songwriting of front-woman, Olivia Rose. Back in August, the band released their debut album, While My Father Sleeps, a record that explores family relationships, love and loss. The album’s title is lifted from a book Olivia’s mother wrote throughout her life exploring her relationship with Olivia’s grandfather, a book that inspired Olivia’s own creativity, “her storytelling always inspired me to tell my own through music”. Olivia’s mother died in January 2017, and the record serves as something of a tribute to her, as Olivia explains, “I didn’t write these songs in a state of grief, I came to know this album while I was grieving”. Following the album’s release, today we’re sharing the video to Oh, Rose’s new single, Baby.

Photo by Saskia Baden – https://www.saskiabaden.com

Baby is in many ways a track of contrasts, playing off a child-like desire to be looked after with a distinctly adult reluctance to accept the help of others. This manifests in the two differing halves of the track, while the first half is quite literally the crying of a baby, “I’ve been a baby, wah wah wah”, the track then shifts tone entirely, “you don’t have to see me cry, I’m picking up a stone age lifestyle good enough for you”.

Musically too, this is a track of two halves, entering on a gentle guitar and a slither of vocals, quietly reminiscent of Devendra Banhart’s early material. Half way through the track does an about turn, exploding to a crescendo of powerful vocals and heavy, almost military style drums, before gently fading away again over the closing minute. There’s an intriguing simplicity to the track, without over complicating anything, it lures you in, and demands further inspection. A wonderful highlight of a hugely impressive debut album, Oh, Rose is a star in the making.

While My Father Sleeps is out now via Park The Van Records. Click HERE for more information on Oh, Rose

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