[PREMIERE] Captain Handsome – I Wish I Had A Dog

Captain Handsome is the solo project of Lily, best known as the front-person of London indie-pop superstars, Fightmilk. Representing something of a side-step from her other musical project, Captain Handsome is a perfect blend of minimal bedroom sensitivity and shimmering pop perfection, citing the influences of Kirsty MacColl, Dolly Parton and Mistki. The debut Captain Handsome EP is set for release early next year, on the Reckless Yes label, and today we’re sharing the first single from it, I Wish I Had A Dog.

Captain Handsome close crop

Discussing the track Lily has suggested its main theme is, “wishing you had a dog”, although canine capers aside, “it’s also about the bits of the heart that are boring and scary, leaping from one thing to the next like a flea, trailing helplessly after yourself at night, writing songs about someone’s hair instead of doing anything useful”. Basically all the things that rush through your mind lying in bed at night, thinking about what kind of dog you’d like.

Musically, I Wish I Had A Dog, is a track that’s simultaneously delightfully straight-forward and winningly, just the right amount of weird. Beginning with Lily alone, accompanied by just the rhythmic pulse of muted guitar chords, the track swells and meanders, picking up backing vocals and a chiming lead guitar line along the way. Just as the track threatens to fade out, it takes a wonderful turn, as burbling electronics enter, slowly emerging from beneath the omnipresent guitar chug to subtly steal the show.

A solo project that does everything you’d want one to do, Captain Handsome is a distinct deviation from Fightmilk, without losing the essence of what is so charming about them in the first place. On this evidence the debut Captain Handsome is going to be a fascinating next step in Lily’s musical output, and as for her hopes of getting a dog, maybe it’s just a dream, she’s busy anyway…“I have a cat”.

I Wish I Had A Dog is out November 8th, with an EP to follow early in 2020 on Reckless Yes. Click HERE for more information on Captain Handsome.


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