[PREMIERE] Lilla Parasit – Feather Soul

The arrival of Lilla Parasit into the world has been a project three years in the making, originally formed back in 2016, the band have spent time changing names, members and finding, “the perfect setting and sound”. They were also somewhat busy performing in a host of other bands, with the project being led by Melby’s Are Engen Steinsholm, and also featuring members of Systrakap and Me And My Kites. The band are now ready for the world, with a debut mini-album out in March, and today we’re sharing the latest offering from it, Feather Soul.

Press photo

Feather Soul is a tribute to Are’s sister, as they explain, “I wrote it to my sister when she had a kind of hard time. She, and the rest of my family live in the north of Norway, almost 24 hours away by train. That was extra strange to relate to when she was unwell”. The track plays out like a celebration of sibling relationships, as Are sings of the close, unbreakable bond between the two.

Musically, Feather Soul seems to blend a series of genres into a delightfully dreamy whole. The drums rush by with the widescreen expanse of The War Of Drugs, as bright synths chime psychedelically and the guitars are laced with a lush indie-pop feel. At the front of it all is Are’s voice, which is wonderfully unlike anything we’ve ever heard before, yet for all its idiosyncrasies it carries the love and emotion of the track with an undeniable charm. The sort of intriguing offering that instantly marks Lila Parasit out as Rama Lama Records’ latest stunning Scandinavian superstars.

Feather Soul is out November 21st via Rama Lama Records. Click HERE for more information on Lilla Parasit.

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