[VIDEO PREMIERE] lazylazy – Sold Out

lazylazy is the New York based musical project of Avinoam Henig. Earlier this year, in collaboration with his brother Avika on drums, lazylazy released their debut album, I’ve Reached This Point. Today we’re premiering the video to one of the album’s stand out moments, Sold Out, which continues the familial theme starring another brother Elisha, who happens to be an actor in The Sinner among other things.


lazylazy’s sound is a delightfully woozy affair, never quite settling into a single rhythm, it lurches and staggers on the distant buzz of organ, angular guitar twang and complex rhythms, heavy on cymbal clatter and cutting snare hits. Adding to the uneasy feel throughout is Avinoam’s vocal, lightly distorted, it has an emotive, almost restless quality, ringing the meaning from every word as he sings, “give me a sound and the eye of the crowd. Give me life I want a spot, there I said it out loud, I’ll be so loud, I’ll be sold out”.

Discussing Sold Out, Avinoam has suggested it’s a reflection on how thinking of music as a career shapes the way you measure success, as he explains, “I expend too much emotional energy lamenting the necessity of making money and struggling to be less dependent on external validation for the art I make”. Perhaps then we shouldn’t say anything too validating, we just hope Avinoam knows this song is an intriguing and charming offering, one that bodes very well for new music coming early in 2020.

Sold Out is available now. Click HERE for more information on lazylazy,

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