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We Say…

Formed in London back in 2015, and now Dublin-based, HAVVK are a politically charged pop band fronted by songwriter Julie Hawk. With a sound that combines elements of shoegaze, grunge and indie-rock, the band have recently shared their long anticipated debut album, Cause & Effect.

Cause & Effect in many ways couldn’t have been made at any other time, it is a distinctly here and now record, tackling the polarisation of our society, the struggle to find a middle ground in politics and trying to stick to your values throughout. Musically, Cause & Effect seems to fuse the world’s of snarling-punk and dreamy shoegaze, nodding to the likes of LIINES or Desperate Journalist. A record that perfectly sums up the year’s potent blend of rage and hope in a widescreen musical package, HAVVK have quietly created the sound of 2019.

They Say…


FTR: For those who don’t know who are HAVVK?

We are Julie, Matt and Sam. We met in London about six years ago and started the band and our indie label Veta Records together. We’ve lived in Berlin for the past three years and just recently moved to Dublin where we’ll be basing the label from now on. The scene is amazing here and it’s always been a second (third) home to us. And we got a cat, so that means we’re probably here for good!

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

Our first full band show was at Powers Bar in London, a tiny Irish pub in bar in Kilburn – famously Irish part of the city. It was your standard local ‘all sorts’ type of pub where the ages ranged from 18 to 80 and you could always count on decent music, open mics and trad bands most nights of the week. I believe we played with Liz and the Ligers but it’s all a bit of blur like most Powers memories.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

We are honestly all music nerds. We were all lucky enough to grow up being encouraged to play music and to embrace all kinds of genres. I can enjoy plenty of other art forms like film and dance and art – but I have an urge to understand and to make things when it comes to music. It’s self-expression for sure but there’s definitely a nerd in all three of us that just wants to create something that’s not been made before. That’s the reason I leave concerts immediately wanting to write something of my own!

FTR: What can people expect from the HAVVK live show?

We make dynamic music, lots of changes in pace and tone, and sometimes without breaks in between. We want our live show to be something hypnotic where you can lose yourself for an hour.

FTR: What’s next for HAVVK?

We just released our debut album which still feels ridiculous to say! Next up is our album launch in Dublin on Dec 6th, which will also be the last show of the year for us. We put so, so much of ourselves into this year between touring and gigging and keeping on top of the release schedule. So being honest, next up for us is a bit of winter hibernation. But don’t worry, we’ve already been working on new material and we’re looking forward to seeing how that takes shape next year.

They Listen To…

1. Scrounge – Badoom

2. New Pagans – Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint

3. Party Fears – Sun King II

4. Thumper – (You’re Bring Me) Down

5. Fears – Fabric

Cause & Effect is out now via Veta Records. Click HERE for more information on HAVVK.

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