[PREMIERE] Irma Vep – The Feeling Is Gone

Irma Vep is the ever evolving musical project of hugely talented musical polymath, Edwin Stephens. His latest endeavour is Embarrassed Landscape, an album recorded in his adopted home city of Glasgow, over just two days with regular collaborators Ruari Maclean and Andrew Cheetham. The record will see the light of day in April, and today we’re sharing the latest offering from it, The Feeling Is Gone.

Photo by Moema Meade

The accompanying video was made in collaboration with Director Tim Bishop, a piece Tim describes as, “a fan fiction collage piece about navigating your own mental health to positive places in an environment that’s out to get you”. It’s mirrored in the track’s tales of escapism and repatriation. Originally from the village of Llanfairfechan in North Wales, it was only really on moving away that Edwin learnt to love his hometown, “moving away helped me love and appreciate the village I grew up in, realising that your world can be only as small as you make it”.

Musically, The Feeling Is Gone, seems to channel the spirit of a variety of acts from The Velvet Underground to Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, with hypnotic guitar lines weaving around the steady primal patter of drums and Edwin’s vocal, mixed low and masked in distortion. It’s a track that’s less about individual ideas or sounds, instead creating an environment and an atmosphere, three minutes of sound that wash over you and leave you changed as a result.  A welcome return for this most intriguing of songwriters, Embarrassed Landscape might just end up being his finest work to date.

Embarrassed Landscape is out April 3rd via Gringo Records. Click HERE for more information on Irma Vep.

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