[VIDEO PREMIERE] Annie Taylor – A Thousand Times

It was only back in April last year that we featured Swiss-quartet Annie Taylor. That was around the release of their well-received EP, Not Yours. Less than a year later, the band have recently returned with A Thousand Times, the video for which we’re premiering here today. The video is shared along with the very exciting news that the band’s hotly anticipated debut album, Sweet Mortality, will be released into the world at the start of May.

Photo by Tatjana Rüegsegger – https://www.tatjanarueegsegger.ch

A Thousand Times serves as a perfect introduction to Annie Taylor’s potent blend of grunge and dreamy surf rock. Steady, almost motorik rhythms propel the song forward alongside languid guitar lines and Gini Jungi’s deceptively snarling vocal. Towards the song’s end it even builds to something of a big-rock crescendo, with the sort of guitar-lines that were all the rage in Seattle in the early 90’s.

Discussing the track the band have suggested the breezy musicality is somewhat contrasted in the track’s lyrical outlook, as Gini explains, “it’s about people who are feeling down and the song is to let them know, that they are not the only ones feeling like that. It’s about getting together, exchanging and accepting help from others”. Bringing people together, across continents and countries, with music that sounds this good, Annie Taylor are a seriously exciting prospect, and their album is shaping up to be proof of that.

Sweet Mortality is out May 8th via Taxi Gauche. Click HERE for more information on Annie Taylor.

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