[PREMIERE] Peter Johnstone – Oil Industry

Hailing from Bathgate in West Lothian, Peter Johnstone is a singer songwriter, who’s earliest musical memories are Spice World The Movie and, “bittersweet miserable Irish folk music in his parents car”. Since then Peter has re-located to Glasgow, and after ingratiating himself into the city’s music scene, 2018 saw the release of his debut EP, Teleshopping. The record drew classically Scottish comparisons, with reviewers mentioning everyone from Ivor Cuttler to Arab Strap. Two years on, Peter recently released his new EP, Yoko Ono, four more indie pop songs about, love, longing and niggling nostalgia”. Today we’re premiering the video to the record’s stand-out moment, Oil Industry.

Photos by Neil Mckenzie

Working with collaborators including Life Model’s Christopher T. Smith and Luiza Lucuta, The Oil Industry expands on Peter’s folkier tendencies, developing them into a slice of breezy indie-pop, created in a similar mood to Darren Hayman or The Goon Sax. The result is a perfectly judged accompaniment to Peter’s two-minute lyrical tale of nostalgic yearning for young lust. A girl called Mary is the song’s target, a school days crush, now settling down with a guy, “with a dog and a job in the Oil Industry”. Initially Peter looks back wistfully to Geography field trips and teachers getting attacked by seagulls, before ultimately concluding with a certain reluctance, “it would be too late, so good luck with the wedding”.

Even if you don’t like the song though (although why wouldn’t you?), the video, filmed with Niki Fitzpatrick on a rainy day on Millport off the Coast of Largs, features some suitably lovely shots of the bleak and beautiful outside world and we probably all need some of those at the moment.

Yoko Ono is out now. Click HERE for more information on Peter Johnstone.


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