[PREMIERE] Hannah Ashcroft – Under The Static (Live at Green Velvet Studios)

These should be exciting, even triumphant times for Hannah Ashcroft. Last week saw Hannah release her well-received new single, Under The Static, which should have coincided with a string of live dates and a single launch. Sadly that’s of course all on hold, however while you wait for the re-arranged dates, Hannah is sharing a live session version of Under The Static, which we’re premiering here today.

Hannah Ashcroft SEPT2 3

Discussing Under The Static, Hannah has suggested it is, “an ode to social anxiety”. A reflection on how those struggles with everyday situations can often leave people labelled as aloof, or result in their existence being almost entirely ignored. As, Hannah explains of the track, “I wanted to create tension within the instrumentation while the lyrics reflect a kind of internal dialogue, a sense of helplessness and a struggle to be heard above the noise”.

Recorded at Green Velvet Studios, the live version seems to bring the bluesy-swing of the guitar line to the fore, as Hannah and her full-band shine lights on the musicality of the track. The vocal, so prominent on the studio version, here initially slips gently into line with the music, without losing any of its undeniable appeal, then as the break-down kicks in, the crystal clear tones really shine out. Hannah’s voice is a hugely impressive instrument, dancing between notes with ease, there’s a distinctly folky-lilt in place, yet it also has a rawness to it, a subtle snarl, that adds a delightfully contemporary feel to proceedings. Under The Static is a track that feels almost timeless, a link from the past into the here and now, and as for the future, it could take Hannah Ashcroft wherever her ambition dreams of.

Under The Static is out now via Trip Of Hares Records. Click HERE for more information on Hannah Ashcroft.

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