[PREMIERE] Dexter Dine – Air Knocked Out

Based out of Brooklyn, Dexter Dine is best known as the music director of the Brooklyn-based dance company Roxy + Company, and for his role in the band Hanging Stills. Outside of those, Dexter also works on his own, highly experimental solo projects. His latest offering, Symmetrics will arrive at the start of June, and sounds as intriguing as ever. Initially recorded on an acoustic guitar, Dexter then de-constructed the tracks, playing them back through a series of sampled instruments, channelling the spirit of the midi-soundtracks of computer games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Through a collection of fake saxophones, flutes, pianos and choirs, Dexter creates his own unique, and sometimes bizarre arrangements. Ahead of that release, today we’re premiering the first track from the album, Air Knocked Out.

artist photo new

Air Knocked out is a fine example of the deeply creative quality of Dexter Dine’s music, and also his flair with a melody. For all of the conceptual de-construction, it’s the easy vocals and prominent keys that are to the fore here, recalling the likes of Animal Collective, or a modern re-imagining of The Beach Boys.

As with all of Symmetrics, here Dexter Dine manages to combine his intriguingly unusual musical vision with his talent for songwriting, the result is both fascinatingly odd and wonderfully relatable, there’s few more exciting places to find a songwriter than that.

Symmetrics is out June 5th. Click HERE for more information on Dexter Dine.

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