[PREMIERE] Laura Lucas – Moon Dream

Laura Lucas is a songwriter and published poet from Winnipeg in Canada. Laura first emerged with her debut single, Poetry, a song written after Laura re-discovered her love of writing while living in Australia, last year. Today Laura’s back with a brand new single, Moon Dream, which was recorded in Byron Bay with producer Garret Kato.


Discussing the track, Laura has suggested the track, fittingly enough, was inspired by a particularly awe-inspiring dream about the moon. The dream stuck with Laura, and she was inspired to write a poem about it, and then returning to the studio, made the music that, “turned it back into a dream”.

Moon Dream is a luxurious slice of alt-folk, a tapestry of rich vocal harmonies, the steady flutter of acoustic guitar and bold piano runs. Laura’s vocal is front and centre throughout, there’s an ease to the way it dances between notes, existing in a similar realm to acts like Joana Serrat or Tiny Ruins.

Lyrically, the track seems initially to be a tribute to nature, an awe-struck submission to the power of the universe’s beauty, yet as it progresses a certain human doubt creeps in, “just let me surrender, I can’t remember, who I am anymore“. As if Laura is calling out for some guidance from a higher power, something to guide her next steps in this confusing world of ours. It’s that doubt, that subtle hint of something lurking behind the words that really makes Moon Dream stand out, there’s more than enough here to suggest that Laura’s music might take her places, who knows maybe even outer space.

Moon Dream is out May 1st. Click HERE for more information on Laura Lucas.

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