[PREMIERE] Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends

Pizza Daddy is the musical venture from London-duo, Ross Pearce & Mike Stothard. The pair have spent the last five years performing as part of the dream-pop band BOYS, playing shows in the UK, Europe and America with the likes of Fake Laugh, Lowly & Sasami. Having decided to try their hand at something different, today the band are sharing the latest Pizza Daddy single, Too Many Boyfriends.

Pizza Daddy Press 1

The track is a reflection on the early stages of a relationship, how we sometimes expect monogamy, even when we’re not prepared to offer it ourselves. The track was inspired by a friend of the band, “who was dating a girl he really liked, but he kept mentioning he felt like she was dating other people behind his back and had ‘Too Many Boyfriends’. He was doing exactly the same behind her back so we didn’t understand where he was coming from”. It ultimately worked out we’re reliably informed.

Musically, Too Many Boyfriends is a fine introduction to the Pizza Daddy sound, the track seems to almost waft into existence, as a languid jangle of guitars is joined by propulsive keys and the pound of a bass drum. It’s a track that instantly transports the listener back to the heady days of the mid-noughties, recalling bands like Black Kids or Good Shoes in its perfect blending of bedroom moroseness and dance-floor worthy indie-pop perfection. Particularly wonderful is the outro, the guitars become a wall of tremulous, jangling noise as the keys come to the fore and the whole thing is allowed to drift perfectly away – hopefully marking a long over-due return for the brilliant outro, a musical thrill that you just don’t get enough of anymore.

Pizza Daddy might hark back to distant days, yet there’s a freshness, a gentle re-invention that marks them out as one of the most exciting new bands we’ve heard all year. While you might be able to have too many boyfriends, you can never have enough great songs about them.

Too Many Boyfriends is out now. Click HERE for more information on Pizza Daddy.

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